Natural Spirituality
Regional Gathering


The 2020 gathering is still in the works!
Please check back often for updates!

Our 2020 Gathering:

Our theme this year is:

Healing Ourselves, Healing the Earth

Keynote Speakers and special presentations:

Steve Wilkerson: Healing and the Divine Feminine

Sarah D. Norton: Arctic Imaginings: Melting the Ice Within

David Palmer: A Planet in Crisis: An Audiovisual Presentation

As in all other years we will have the wonderful all volunteer band "The Unconscious," a fire every night in the main conference area, contemplative prayer, small dream groups, a great bookstore, art room; optional stargazing, late night movie, and bonfire; and many wonderful workshops! This year we are also incorporating a few nightly song and story sessions to hear from more members of our community, their experiences with dreams, synchronicity, song, storytelling, art, and more!

2020 Workshop Line-up:

  •  The Six Shaman Questions led by Robert Pullen

  • The Joy of YOU! led by Doni Jordan and Rhonda Mullins

  • Alchemy, Hope, and Healing led by Steve Wilkerson

  • Simple Ways to Nourish Mind, Body, and Spirit led by Beth Kelley Zorbanos

  • Exploring the I-Ching led by Heidi Simmonds

  • Zentangle: The Inspiring and Mindful Drawing Method led by Roberta Charbonneau

  • Dream Divina led by Sheri Kling

  • The Highly Sensitive Person led by Helene Rhodes

  • Nap Time (offered each session) led by Darby Christopher and Robert Pullen

...more to come,  check back here often and sign up for our mailing list for updates!

Past workshop Titles:

Natural Spirituality Inside, Outside, Upside Down


Active Imagination 

Soul Collage with Dreamwork

Using ZentangleĀ® in our Dialogue with God 

Increasing Consciousness through Mindfulness Practice 

The Forgotten Language (from the Way of the Dream) 

Film as an Opening

Walking the Labyrinth

The I Ching 

Sand Tray 

"My Inner Puppet: Let the Puppet do the Work" 

Painting For Process

Crafting Your Spiritual Autobiography Through Dream Images 

The Masks We Wear

 "Making Travel Sacred" 

 Nightmare Transformation

Dream to Freedom--Dreams and EFT for emotional Change

Perceiving the Inner Mountain through Indigenous Eyes: The Borderland Consciousness

The Terrible Burden of Being Part of God

Wisdom of the Body

Writing the Testament our Hearts Speak

Dream Group

Using Dream Guidance to Change your Life

Word and Spirit: A Writing Workshop

Upcoming Events

Friday, Feb 7 at 4:00 PM - Sunday, Feb 9 12:30 PM
Saturday, Feb 8 at 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

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