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The 2020 gathering is still in the works!
Please check back often for updates!

Our 2020 Gathering:

Our theme this year is:

Healing Ourselves, Healing the Earth

The Speakers are still being finalized, please check back often for updates.

As in all other years we will have the wonderful all volunteer band "The Unconscious," a fire every night in the main conference area, contemplative prayer, small dream groups, a great bookstore, art room; optional stargazing, late night movie, and bonfire; and many wonderful workshops! This year we also have an extra dream group scheduled on Saturday!

2019 Workshop Line-up:
These are from last year, check in often to see what new workshops will be offered in 2020!

  • Gifts of the Shadow led by Tallulah Lyons

  • Muskogee Mindfulness led by Robert Pullen

  • Listening to the Gospel with New Ears led by Heidi Simmonds

  • Singing with a Sacred Harp led by Judy Mincy

  • Dream Theater Toolkit led by Diana McKendree

  • Hardy Hike to the Falls led by Ruth Reynolds

  • A Play Date with Dream Images led by Laurel Genteman

  • Dream Divina led by Sheri Kling

  • The Highly Sensitive Person led by Helene Rhodes

  • Sacred Listening and Dreams led by Darby Christopher

...more to come,  sign up for our mailing list for updates!

Workshop Descriptions:

Gifts of the Shadow (Good for Beginners)
The parts of ourselves of which we are unaware are called ?shadow? parts of personality. When we begin to meet them we feel very unsettled and off?balanced. Because Shadow holds the key to our wholeness, learning to know and integrate shadow dynamics is an essential part of the spiritual journey. In this workshop we will invite aspects of Shadow that we all share?the inner critic, the inner movie star, the inner slob, the inner perfectionist? plus any other shadow dynamics that want to come to play with us. Together, we?ll interact with them and begin to discover newfound gifts that ope our hearts to compassion and forgiveness.

Muskogee Mindfulness
We usually associate mindfulness with the Buddhist practice of being attentive to the present moment as fully as possible without judgement. Native American culture offers a similar way of focusing spirit, mind, and body through the experience of nature. This workshop will draw practical techniques from the culture of the Southeastern Muskogee people. The major focus will be on the awareness of the passage of the day through connections with the sun, moon, stars, clouds, weather, birds, insects, animals and our own shifting rhythms. Songs and spoken words will be used to heighten the sense of the every?shifting present moment. Over time one can learn to listen to the language of nature in relationship with plants, animals, people and our own hearts. This workshop will offer some practical tools for encouraging nature?based mindfulness. Note: Nature is not just in the woods; it is in us and with us always.

Dream Divina: Contemplating Dream Images as Sacred Icons
In this workshop, we?ll explore what leader Sheri D. Kling calls the ?imaginal praxis/practice? of dream divina. Dream divina combines the basic process of collecting and working with images in a dream with a guided visualization, and a time of silent prayer during which the dream?er can contemplate his or her dream images in the same way one practices contemplation with icons or sacred texts. Participants will leave with a script they can use in their own dream groups or spiritual communities.

Listening to the Gospel with New Ears
Come and participate in the practice of reading and treating a gospel story as a dream. As a group we will employ both the image and association method and the Haden projective method to mine our connections and make the gospel resonate personally.

A Hawiian gift of understanding and practice, leading to reclaiming our protections and forgiveness of self and others. In this session Participants will be explore aspects of an Hawiian worldview and learn how the practice of Ho'oponopono can transform lives. A ho'oponopono meditation will be shared.

Hardy Hike to the Falls
Outer life mirrors inner life. A hike can be just a hike, or it can be a synchronistic experience of the inner journey. Take the hike with either attitude. There will be only 1 hike option and is the Hike to the Falls. It takes 2?1/2 hours. If the access tot the falls is not possible (sometimes the stability rope across the log that crossed the creek is down) then we will do a Hike to the Cross: which is still strenuous, requiring sturdy hiking shoes, and walking sticks are recommended, same as the Hike to the Falls. We will meet at the bridge across the creek at Retreat Center and depart from there at 3:20. Remember: sturdy shoes, water, and a camera (optional).

The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)
Are you ?too shy? or ?sensitive? according to others? Has anyone ever said to you, ?Why must you find
meaning in everything?? Both introverts and extroverts can possess this genetic trait. You?re invited to explore the advantages and disadvantages of the highly sensitive person.

Standing in the Threshold -Creating a Creative Journal of Awareness
You begin by making note of "significant" Dream image, words, and associations, and also, Waking life synchronicities, word and image. Then, by using paint, doodles, pictures and words, you begin a Journal of Awareness that integrates Dreams and Waking life.

Dream Theater Tool Kit
"The dream is a theater in which the dreamer is himself the scene, the
player, the prompter, the author, the producer, the public and the critic.? Carl Jung
Participants will have the opportunity to experience working with a dream group, using a variety of techniques related to the integration of experiential learning and a non?interpretive approach. The ?tools? you experience will be applicable to your personal inner work and a variety of sources from M. Woodman?s body/soul work, A. Mindell?s discoveries of Process Orientation Psycholorgy and Stanislavki?s ?naturalism? in a role. This workshop will be presented before her keynote presentation, working a dream as theater. No previous experience is necessary.

Healing Touch, Healing Presence:
It is a gift to be able to reconnect to our inner sanctuary/our sense of Home/our Self. In this session, participants will have the opportunity to experience how their presence and touch (on or off the body) can help another connect to that space within themselves. Participants will get a basis of understanding, then share and receive under guided direction.

Sacred Listening and Dreams:
When we engage in Sacred Listening in dyads, we offer our presence to another, without directing their process. The ?Person Processing? may focus on a dream, another aspect of their life, or simply wait to see what arises, while the person serving as the ?Container? holds the space as witness and presence. This workshop will explore the structure of Sacred Listening, offer a demonstration and offer a gentle opportunity to practice. (If practice is not desired, attendees are welcome to observe only.)

Past workshop Titles:

Natural Spirituality Inside, Outside, Upside Down


Active Imagination 

Soul Collage with Dreamwork

Using ZentangleĀ® in our Dialogue with God 

Increasing Consciousness through Mindfulness Practice 

The Forgotten Language (from the Way of the Dream) 

Film as an Opening

Walking the Labyrinth

The I Ching 

Sand Tray 

"My Inner Puppet: Let the Puppet do the Work" 

Painting For Process

Crafting Your Spiritual Autobiography Through Dream Images 

The Masks We Wear

 "Making Travel Sacred" 

 Nightmare Transformation

Dream to Freedom--Dreams and EFT for emotional Change

Perceiving the Inner Mountain through Indigenous Eyes: The Borderland Consciousness

The Terrible Burden of Being Part of God

Wisdom of the Body

Writing the Testament our Hearts Speak

Dream Group

Using Dream Guidance to Change your Life

Word and Spirit: A Writing Workshop

Upcoming Events

Friday, Feb 7 at 4:00 PM - Sunday, Feb 9 12:30 PM
Saturday, Feb 8 at 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

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