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Our 2020 Gathering:

 Our theme this year is:

Healing Ourselves, Healing the Earth

Keynote Speakers and special presentations:

Steve Wilkerson: Healing and the Divine Feminine: Since the beginning of what we now refer to as ?culture or civilization,? it has been a patriarchy primarily dominated by men.  In so many cases this has been characterized by conflict, struggle, repression, inequity, and war.  Human interaction must be balanced by the sorts of peace, community, and egalitarianism that the feminine can so importantly--and energetically--introduce for the healing of our society and that of the world in which we now live.

Sarah D. Norton: Arctic Imaginings: Melting the Ice Within: Using scholarly research, personal narrative, myth and folktales, this presentation will take each of us on a journey into our imagination with the image of ice: ice in the polar regions of the world, ice in dreams, ice in film, photography, and story. By paying attention to these remote parts of the world, we can each hope to gain a deeper understanding of our own most remote realm, that of the unconscious. Once we open ourselves up to the plight of the earth, we begin to understand that the warming of our world needs to be turned inward; that we must make it our mission, as Inuit shaman Angakkorsuaq teaches, to "melt the ice in the heart of man." If we can find it within ourselves to weep with the melting ice and to hold the paradox of hope and loss in our ever changing world, we will find a way forward.

David Palmer: A Planet in Crisis: An Audiovisual Presentation: celebrates the beauty of creation, grieves for its wounding, and presents one view of humanity's role in it all.

As in all other years we will have the wonderful all volunteer band "The Unconscious," a fire every night in the main conference area, contemplative prayer, small dream groups, a great bookstore, art room; optional stargazing, late night movie, and bonfire; and many wonderful workshops! This year we are also incorporating a few nightly song and story sessions to hear from more members of our community, their experiences with dreams, synchronicity, song, storytelling, art, and more!

2020 Workshop Line-up:

  •  The Six Shaman Questions led by Robert Pullen: Part of a Shaman's job is to assist people in preserving health and wholeness. Body sickness or soul sickness happens when things are out of balance. We will explore six questions that a Shaman might use to help understand the sources of imbalance that are contributing to problems. We will also experience the "medicines" needed to restore wholeness.

  • The Joy of YOU! led by Doni Jordan and Rhonda Mullins: "Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties." ~Helen Keller      Join us as we explore how to life a joyful life. Embark on a joy ride based on the book Joy in Every Moment by Tzivia Gover. We?ll examine the Eight Pillars of Joy as identified by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu. The session will end with a joyful experience in nature. You?ll leave with tips to experience daily joy, a listing of books to explore, and gifts that will both delight you and reflect gratitude.

  • Alchemy, Hope, and Healing led by Steve Wilkerson: Alchemy has NEVER involved literally turning the metal of lead into gold. It has always been about healing and personal transformation. This work-shop will focus on how you can learn from the alchemical process--and be transformed yourself.

  • The Extraordinary within Us led by Gayle Torres: An intuitive visual process, requires no previous experience. This workshop will emphasize hearing the whisper of the subconscious to discover strengths and mythic patterns in our lives.

  • Simple Ways to Nourish Mind, Body, and Spirit led by Beth Kelley Zorbanos: In this workshop we will look at simple shifts we can make in our daily lives that have profound effects in moving us toward health, well being, and wholeness.

  • DIY Dream Dictionary led by Pam Muller Dreams sometimes follow a theme or contain recurring symbols that represent patterns of behavior or common emotional wounds. Wouldn't it be great if you could keep a running record of symbols and what, specifically, it means for you? Come to this inter-active workshop experience and be guided through the process of making your own dream dictionary! Together we will scour our dreams for patterns of symbols, utilize an array of dictionaries to fuel our brainstorms, use each other to collect even more ideas, then create individual reference cards and catalog them into a one-of-a-kind dream dictionary.

  • Creating a Joy-filled Practice of Integrating Dreams and Waking Life led by Laurel Genteman: A fun way to create colorful journals filled with magnetic words and images that will inspire you. When dreams and creativity intersect amazing things happen.

  • The Power of Intuition led by Mary Henn: We will do a series of experiential practices involving imagery and em-bodied sensing to tap into the flow of what wants to happen instead of trying to "figure it out" with the logical mind. One of the practices is delightfully effective at improving relationships, especially with someone who is "difficult" and triggering. You can use these tools to make decisions, large and small, and meander more in the direction of your life's calling.

  • Dream Divina led by Sheri Kling: In this workshop, we?ll explore what leader Sheri D. Kling calls the ?imaginal praxis/practice? of dream divina. Dream divina combines the basic process of collecting and working with images in a dream with a guided visualization, and a time of silent prayer during which the dreamer can contemplate his or her dream images in the same way one practices contemplation with icons or sacred texts. Participants will leave with a script they can use in their own dream groups or spiritual communities.

  • The Highly Sensitive Person led by Helene Rhodes: Are you ?too shy? or ?sensitive? according to others? Has anyone ever said to you, ?Why must you find meaning in everything?? Both introverts and extroverts can possess this genetic trait. You?re invited to explore the advantages and disadvantages of the highly sensitive person.

  • Nap Time (offered each session) led by Darby Christopher:  Do you need to rest, but also desire to feel connected to our group? Come be part of a group of ?nappers.? Hear a bed time story or two and receive a blessing to send you off on your way to slumber in your own space. Or, if the weather is nice we will meet in the large field by the retreat center. (In this case bring a blanket, jacket, pillow or whatever you need to feel comfortable.) The location will be announced and post-ed in Wilkins Hall.
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