Natural Spirituality
Regional Gathering


Sample Conference Schedule from 2017; the new schedule for 2018 will be updated as it becomes available.

Weekend Program: 


Registration: 4:00pm-6:30pm (Social at 5:30pm/ Dinner at 6:30pm)

Evening: 7:30pm Opening Session: Cindy Jordan: Living your Spirituality through

                                                                                     Organic Relationships 


                   8:00am Breakfast

Early morning optional events:

                   7:30am Contemplative Morning Prayer

                   8:30am Dream Groups

Morning:   9:30am Morning Presentations: Bishop Larry Maze: Personal Myth;

                                                         Beyond the Collective and Eve: Heroine of Eden

                                                                              Joyce Rockwood Hudson: Feminine 

                                                                         Wisdom Lost and Found--By Us! 

Afternoon: 12:30pm Lunch

                    1:45pm-3:00pm Workshops/ or free time

                    3:30pm-4:45pm Workshops/ or free time

Evening:   6:00pm Dinner

                    7:00pm Evening Presentation: Sarah Norton: Image/Earth/Psyche:

                                                                               A Journey into Terra Incognita

                    8:30p  Body Prayer, Raising the alter, after hours Movie: The Secret of Kells


Morning: 8:00 Breakfast

                   9:15am Dream Groups

                   11:15am Eucharist

End with Lunch: 12:30pm


Saturday One-Day Program:

Registration: 8:30am-9:30am

                       9:30am Morning Presentation

                       12:30pm Lunch

                       1:45pm-3:00pm Workshops/ or free time

                       3:30pm-4:45pm Workshops/ or free time

(you will receive a copy of this schedule with your registration receipt and in your packet at the conference

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